Post-Academic Training Course 2021-2023

The new Dispokinesis course has been postponed until 2021-2023. Due to the current situation, we had to postpone the start of the new course until 16 January, 2021.

The next information event will take place on 14 November 2020 at the Leesterhaus in Hildesheim.

The course offers certified training to become a teacher of Dispokinesis (dispokinetician). It is divided into three parts:

First Year
In-depth training of one’s own disposition. This year can also be booked separately without mandatory participation in further training.

Second Year
Training as a dispokinetician for one’s own instrument

Third Year
Training as a dispokinetician for all instruments, voice and conducting.

Training place:
Musikschule Hildesheim e.V.
Leesterhaus für Musik und Kultur
Waterloostraße 24
31137 Hildesheim


€2500,00 per course year

Further documents can be found in the download area.