Dispokinesis supports musicians and performing artists on their way to individual artistic expression. it is used both preventively and therapeutically.

Dispokinesis was developed around 1950 in the environment of the Sweelink-Conservatory, Amsterdam. At its core are the Original Shapes of Posture, Breathing and Movement (German: “Urgestalten”), developed by G.O. van de Klashorst, based on his studies in human sciences and the evolutionary development of man, such as functional anatomy, neurophysiology, developmental psychology and (findings on) psychomotor learning processes.

Another key element are special exercises focussing on instrumental and vocal technique apart from teaching and practicing posture, breathing, and movement, Dispokinesis teaches the professional musician to reflect on his expressivity and become aware of his patterns.

Dispokinesis aims to provide each musician with an individualised set of self-help exercises with the objective of gaining. Professional musicians of all instruments and voice ranges can be certified as dispokineticians to accompany such a process. Dispokinesis is this ideally tailored to the needs and realities of musicians. It is effective both for prevention as well as treatment of health problems related to musical performance, stage fright issues, up to focal dystonia.