Teaching Dispokinesis

The dispokinetician starts with an in-depth general and profession-related anamnesis of the student, which is followed by a sensori- and psychomotor analysis while the student is playing or singing and without instrument. Based on this Dispokinesis then aims to devise individually tailored strategies to overcome the problematic aspects of the student’s musical performance. This process takes its course in private lessons where the dispokinetician accompanies the student with ‘eliciting’ and confirmation and aims to find positive sensations and movement patterns. In other words Dispokinesis seeks a return to an original way of being, thus freeing intuition and creativity. The key to this is to become aware of primordial movements and of one’s present-day stereotypical postures and patterns of movement.

Through this sensorimotor maturation the student regains competency over his own original pattern of movement and can once again freely dispose of his/her musical and artistic expression