What is disposition?

Already in 1931, the Leipzig-based violinist and musicologist Prof. Siegfried Eberhard stated that “Disposition is the innate knowledge of original and natural posture and movement.” What does this mean for musicians specifically?

“Disposition” describes the natural interaction between mind and body, a free transfer of the inner image of sound into movement. However, this primal disposition can get lost in the course of an individual’s development and can be replaced by artificial motor patterns. The reasons for this are numerous:

  • education, bad role models
  • Blindly following instructions (without reflecting them)
  • unsuitable furniture or professional equipment
  • psychological factors such as stress
  • pressure to be successful, ambition,
  • fear and many more things can be the origin of this loss.

By applying the Dispokinesis approach to one’s music making, it is possible to re-gain one’s original disposition.