Ergonomic Aids

A further aspect of Dispokinesis is the question of dealing with the ergonomics in relation to the instrument, i.e. of finding out what an individual needs in order to make free use of his/her disposition without having his/her motor skills impeded. Various ergonomic aids have been developed such as cushions, chin rests and shoulder pads for upper strings, or belts, thumb and knee rests for wind and plucked instruments. One basic rule in Dispokinesis is that the instrument needs to be adapted to the body and not the body to the instrument.

For example:

Daumenstütze für Klarinetten

Thumb rest for clarinettists

for clarinettists from Musik Foag. Developed in collaboration with Herbert Bayer.
For more detail, please access the pdf-file here (German only)









Shoulder Pad for High Strings

An individually adjustable shoulder pad for violin and viola is now available. It was developed by Nora Niggeling-Neumann based on the dispokinetic principles. To read more, visit the website

Schulterstütze für hohe Streicher