Working with a specific musical instrument

oboeWith the help of the Original Shapes of Posture and Movement, the musician acquires the ability of defining / finding his/her adequate posture and playing position, allowing him to combine stability and flexibility and to achieve freedom of expression. With the aim of optimizing both instrumental as well as musical-artistic competencies, Dispokinesis offers specific exercises for each instrument, including visualisation and learning strategies

Some keywords:
  • Ability to dose body and muscle tone in regard to posture, breathing and movement
  • Ability to dose and differentiate one’s contact with the instrument, be it via strings, keys, mouthpieces, etc.
  • Independence of both hands or of individual fingers
  • Dealing with stage fright…

According to G.O. van de Klashorst “Musicians are artists of movement.” The musician has reached his goal when he is able to transform his musical imagination without any hindrance into sound and movement. Experiencing music then becomes satisfactory for both the artist and the audience. Understanding one’s mechanisms of self-perception is the key to competency as a musician.

By doing so Dispokinesis goes well beyond other movement therapies, self-awareness and relaxation approaches, and puts the main emphasis on music making and artistic expression.