Admission Requirements for the three-year course

In general, only professionally trained musicians are admitted to the course, or physical therapists and medical doctors who master an instrument at a near-to-professional level.
Furthermore, the students are required to take private Dispokinesis lessons outside the course, where they work with the Original Shapes, thus enhancing the learning effect.. And at the latest during the course, the students have to do an in-depth analysis of their own approach to their instrument or voice from a dispokinetic point of view. Normally, a 6 to 12 months preparation before beginning the actual course is recommended.
Before final enrolment, the students need a written confirmation from the dispokinetician they have studied with privately, and they have an admission interview with one of the lecturers of the course.
To find a list of all the active dispokineticians certified by the EGD, please check our website under "List of Members".