The European Society for Dispokinesis

The European Society for Dispokinesis (EGD) was founded in 1993. Its goal is to develop Dispokinesis and make it more widely known

The EGD organises public seminars on Dispokinesis, where people working in artistic fields (such as musicians, dancers and actors) can learn about the pedagogic and therapeutic value of Dispokinesis and how it relates to their own work. They have the opportunity of experiencing the fundamental principles of posture and movement and how these affect both musical performance and expression.

Since 1997 the EGD has been offering a post-academic three-year course for professionally trained musicians, which qualifies them to teach the Dispokinesis approach to all instrumentalists, singers and conductors. The course is also open to physiotherapists and doctors, provided they master at least one instrument at a very high technical and musical level.

Additionally, the EGD organises two continuing education events per year for its members, i.e. for all certified dispokineticians.